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65 Sad Whatsapp Status DP With Quotes For All

When we feel sad we search some silent place to hide our self from others. We want to stay away from all our closed ones. We hide our tears and didn’t want anyone to see them. But in today’s era, the case is different. Yes, people do

15+ Broken Heart DP For Whatsapp

Everybody’s heart broke someday because of love or because of any other reason. We all want to say to the world that my heart is broken but we don’t say. We make our status as a sad status on our Whatsapp. We search for sad Whatsapp DP

55+ Broken Heart Status Quotes For Whatsapp

Knowingly or unknowingly we all broke someones heart. Everyone’s heart is broken by someone & the feeling is worst. You feel like you should Die. But we should not do the same. To love someone & to be loved by someone is a great thing but if

35 Best Whatsapp Status For Sad Mood Forever

We know sometimes we feel sad, we feel lonely & we don’t want to say a single word from our mouth…We go & sat in a room alone. Sometimes it’s a one line sentence or you can say status is enough to explain everything so today for