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20 Best Whatsapp Status With Pictures Quotes on Life

We all love to share pictures with quotes on all Facebook wall & Whatsapp DP & messages. One best pictures say¬†a thousand lines by itself. We don’t need to explain anything with pictures, pictures are self-defined. If we want to express our vision towards life to someone

51 Best DP for Whatsapp On Life You Cant Ignore

You know what your life is for you, yo value your life more than anything else. We also feel the same, human life is a gift from god & we all should live it from our heart, do whatever you want in your life, because the life

15 Best Whatsapp Dp Images with Status On Life Forever

Hello, All, nowadays we are all on Facebook & Whatsapp, from a child who study in 10th standard to a working professional, you will get to see everyone’s profile on Facebook & Whatsapp. To make profiles on these social networking sites is just a few minutes task

61 best whatsapp status quotes for love

To fall in love with someone is a dream of every human being. We always want our partner someone who really like us and truly love us from his or her heart. For him/her we should only be the first priority apart from anything in the world.

53 best whatsapp status quotes on life forever

Life … is the way we look at it. Life can be interesting and can be extremely boring, it all depends on us how we want to make it. When we are child we get the most of our life as we don’t have to face any